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Monday, 8 June 2015

Must read: Top Worst Diseases, Ebola Ranked as Third.

by Unknown  |  in worst at  1:58 am

This is an original post written solely by Tbthealth based on research gathered.
The below diseases are diseases which offcause don't have a cure, and Certainly leads to death except by God intervention, we have talked about some, Such as Sars and would certainly talk about it and some others in our next post.
Meanwhile, We are starting a Talk-About Campaign which might last for months or years but we will also be talking about other things, But the Talk-About will be about fruits from A-Z, we will be talking about them alphabetically, their pros, cons and others, One per day, You can do us good by commenting and also sharing our posts to your Social Networks and others. So soon you will be orientated on all kind of fruits, and also know all kind of fruit on earth together with their botanical names.
Oh! Sorry, I diverted. I thought the info was basic for you. Pardon me.
See highlighting of the diseases below.
- Cancer
- Ebola
- Rabbies
- Alzheimer's
- Als
- Insomnia
- Diabetes
- Huntingtons
- Malaria
- Parkinson
- Influenza
- Tuberculosis
- Depression
- Swine Flu
- Multiple Sclerosis
- Tetanus
- Sars
- Epilepsy.

Like I said, these are diseases no one prays to have, we will post their symptoms soon.
Stay tuned. Tbthealth Cares!


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